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Get Personalized and Lifetime Hearing Care

The first step toward better hearing is a hearing assessment. Contact your nearby Beltone office and get a complimentary hearing screening and consultation with one of our hearing care professionals.

What happens during your appointment:

Lifestyle & Hearing Health Assessment

To determine factors that may have contributed to your hearing loss and how your hearing is impacting your life.

Hearing Screening

We will use several hearing assessments to measure how well you hear a variety of sounds, such as tones and speech.

Review Your Test Results

After your hearing screening, we will go over your hearing results in an easy to follow manner and if hearing loss is found, we will recommend and provide the best treatment options for you.

Award-Winning-Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aids that are tailored to your hearing experience unlike any other device and provide the closest thing to natural hearing.

Why Patients Choose Beltone Hearing

Lifetime Care and Protection With BelCare

BelCare provides for your hearing health—and protects your investment—in 12 valuable ways. No other company offers the same level of commitment.

Hearing Care Anywhere With Remote Care Live

Get face-to-face with a Beltone hearing care professional from the safety and comfort of your home all within the Beltone HearMax App.

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